Gold Edition Database

The Gold Edition Database expands on the detail provided in the silver edition database. This database features non-unique zip codes and the same exacting level of detail as the silver edition database.

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Gold Edition
$ 999 /Year

Non-Unique Zip Codes

State Abbrev, County Name, City Name

Sales and use tax rates at the state, county, city, and 6 district levels

Total sales and use tax rates

If shipping or shipping and handling is taxable

County and city reporting codes

District names and reporting codes


Business grade quality for all plans.

Our sales tax databases are so accurate that regardless of your business size you will find them the best investment you have made.

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Built for Tax Departments

Sales Tax Systems provides tax deparments with the most accurate sales tax rates available.

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Loved by IT

A simple tab delimited text format is loved by IT departments to import into any database they want.

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Questions about Anything?

Just ask... Our tax team is the best and understands the complexities of any rates we provide to you.


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

How quickly will I receive the database after purchase?

You will receive an email with a link to download the database immediately after payment is confirmed.

When and how are the monthly updates delivered?

Update files are sent at least 2 business days prior to the start of the next month and are delivered via email. The update files are a complete replacement of the previous months file.

At what level are the tax rates broken down?

The tax rates are broken down at different levels depending on the product. Please see the product details link to view the differences.

What about regional transportation charges and other local taxes?

These taxes are included in the files. They are broken out in some editions or rolled up into the county or city totals in other editions.

Is the database compatible with my accounting or ecommerce software?

The file is in a tab delimited text file which is compatible with most software. Check with your IT department to make sure.

What do district tax 1-6 represent?

They represent all of the local district taxes within a jurisdiction that are not included in the state, county, or city rates. These can include special purpose districts, MTA taxes, etc.